Echo-Baino Art Designs is a curriculum vitae of various mixed media some of which includes  stone, wood, metal, glass and cubic zirconia to add uniqueness that transcends the ordinary!


Echo-Baino Art is a concept that embraces that which goes beyond ordinary transcending and excelling that which is common and making art creations that are a buyers ultimate satisfactory pride and joy to own!

Since 2007 Echo-Baino has satisfied numerous requests for commissioned projects. And has had it's work featured in numerous art shows and featured it's work in a few art galleries. It's most credulous supporter gallery wise is the Junction City Art Council, located in Junction City Kansas.

The creator of Echo-Baino Art is Artist Craig J Green,whose art has begun spread across the nation as admirers have either purchased originals, prints and or most profoundly have made requests for commissioned art projects. Echo-Baino is further extended it's artistic skill into the Culinary Art receiving credibility for various decorative pastry designs which add to the artist repertoire of artistic creativity.



                 C.L Hoover Opera House

                 135 W 7th St., Junction City Ks 66441




R.Andrews                       M.Merced-Rivera

A.Asmus                           J.Montre

R & K.Basknight             E.Mintz

J.Walker                           D.McCallister 

A & E.Borges                  J.Mortimer

D.Breci                            C.Nolan

C.Breidenstein               L.Parker

T & D.Brown                  Pat-The Red-Head

S & T.Brown                   V.Patterson

B.Boykin                         A.Pickett

D & J.Burns                    B.Pope

C.Cason                          F.Pope

D.Cathey.                       ME.Pope

A.Cooper                        S.Popovich

C.Corbett                       P.Ricard 

A.Crandall                      H.Riley-Suggs

RE.Dickinson                M.Rivera

D.Douglas.                    W.Robinson

C.Edwards                     M.Streckfus

D & D Edwards             P.Upham

M.Edwards.                    S.Waters

F.Escalona                     D.Whitaker

J.Farrell.                         CL.Willams

J.Frandin.                       D & D.Williams

D.Gilbert                       W.Williams(Wanda)

R.Golightly                    S.Waters

M &M.Guthrie             LWIM-Living Word Int'l Ministries

J &M.Hewins.              



S & S.Jones                

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