Echo-Baino Art Designs is a curriculum vitae of various mixed media some of which includes  stone, wood, metal, glass and cubic zirconia to add uniqueness that transcends the ordinary!


EBaino-Luxuer (Echo-Baino Art) is a concept that embraces that which goes beyond ordinary transcending and excelling that which is common and making art creations that are a buyers ultimate satisfactory pride and joy to own!

Since 2007 EBaino-Luxuer (Echo-Baino  Art) has satisfied numerous requests for commissioned projects. And has had it's work featured in numerous art shows and featured it's work in a few art galleries. It's most credulous supporter gallery wise is the Junction City Art Council, located in Junction City Kansas.

The creator of EBaino-Luxuer (Echo-Baino Art) is Artist Craig J Green,whose art has begun spread across the nation as admirers have either purchased originals, prints and or most profoundly have made requests for commissioned art projects. Ebaino-Luxuer (Echo-Baino) is further extended it's artistic skill into the Culinary Art receiving credibility for various decorative pastry designs which add to the artist repertoire of artistic creativity.



                 C.L Hoover Opera House

                 135 W 7th St., Junction City Ks 66441




R.Andrews                       M.Merced-Rivera

A.Asmus                           J.Montre

R & K.Basknight             E.Mintz

J.Walker                           D.McCallister 

A & E.Borges                  J.Mortimer

D.Breci                            C.Nolan

C.Breidenstein               L.Parker

T & D.Brown                  Pat-The Red-Head

S & T.Brown                   V.Patterson

B.Boykin                         A.Pickett

D & J.Burns                    B.Pope

C.Cason                          F.Pope

D.Cathey.                       ME.Pope

A.Cooper                        S.Popovich

C.Corbett                       P.Ricard 

A.Crandall                      H.Riley-Suggs

RE.Dickinson                M.Rivera

D.Douglas.                    W.Robinson

C.Edwards                     M.Streckfus

D & D Edwards             P.Upham

M.Edwards.                    S.Waters

F.Escalona                     D.Whitaker

J.Farrell.                         CL.Willams

J.Frandin.                       D & D.Williams

D.Gilbert                       W.Williams(Wanda)

R.Golightly                    S.Waters

M &M.Guthrie             LWIM-Living Word Int'l Ministries

J &M.Hewins.              



S & S.Jones                

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